The Tula Arms Plant, founded in 1712 under the decree of Peter the Great and transformed into the joint stock company in 1993, is one of the recognized centers of military and double technologies.

Following three-century traditions of arms mastery the plant firstly calls attention of their clients and partners to the military production: high-accuracy anti-tank missiles with a tandem warhead 9M113M, intended to engage the armoured material having the dynamic protection fortified fire emplacements, helicopters flying low; 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher GP-25 which may be used with modifications of the Kalashnikov submachine guns and gives the opportunity to hit the aim with the flat trajectory and plunging fire, the twice as much or threefold rate of fire exceeds the best foreign analogous systems; 9 mm small-sized submachine guns SR-3 have the dimensions of a machine pistol but exceed it in firing range and defeat manpower and unarmoured equipment at the distance of 200 m; 9 mm special machine carbines AS and sniping rifles VSS are intended for noiseless and flameless shooting at a range up to 400 m, defeating manpower in spite of any body armour vests.